Clemente to be Remembered during Tournament

Roberto Clemente will always be remembered as not only the most talented and famous Pittsburgh Pirate, but as a sports figure with a big heart. He once stated that “Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t you are wasting your time on Earth.

Clemente lived what he preached as he was involved in charity work in Puerto Rico and Latin America, often delivering baseball equipment and food. On December 31, 1972, while on his way to deliver aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua, he died in an aviation accident. One year later he became a member of the MLB Hall of Fame. It was and still is the only time in baseball history when the mandatory 5 year waiting period for the Hall of Fame was waived.

This December 31st, it will mark 40 years since the tragic day when one of sports most selfless and most loving heroes passed away. At the 19th Goof Ball Tournament we will remember this man  by following his  humble and sportsmanlike example. The Goof Ball Committee will use a commemorative Roberto Clemente coin for all of the coin flips throughout the day. The 19th Goof Ball Tournament will be dedicated to this man who loved Pittsburgh and competition.

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Super Bowl recognizes Goof Ball

Millions of Americans watched the Super Bowl XVIII last February, and many of them are still talking about ‘that one commercial with the Goof Ball trophy in it’.

The commercial was made by Honda,  But the most important part is the Goof Ball Trophy (or a trophy which looks remarkably similar…), which the squirrel lifts.

Yes, it’s official, Goof Ball has made it to the big stage.

This may bring back some memories when the “Goof Ball Trophy” made an appearance on the sitcom “Everybody loves Raymond”.

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What are Pool Balls Made of?

Contrary to popular belief this post is not about what pool balls are made of, but rather it is about how the Goof Ball Committee is writing hundreds of posts on a 5 hour tournament. Some may ask the questions- How do they manage to do this?…What else can they come up with?… What happens when they have nothing left to write about??!

The truth is, Goof Ball is an unfolding story and every tournament that passes gives the committee more and more meat to write about and more and more things to analyze. And there is always room to make posts on billiards which like any other sport would take a lifetime to fully understand and know.

So there is no reason to fear, there will always be more things to be said and more posts to be read.

Oh yeah, and for anybody who was wondering, they’re made out of thermoset resin.

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The Eve of New Year’s Eve 2010

Tomorrow is the day when the 17th tournament goes in the history books. People will talk about what happens tomorrow all throughout 2011 and many more years after. The sun will rise and a player will rise in the brackets to grab the trophy. Go to sleep tonight and dream. Dream of the surreal moments of tomorrow.

Doors will open at 11:00 AM tomorrow. Trick Shot will start at 11:30 sharp. Be at the Goof Ball Tournament site by 12:00 PM to participate in the Goof Ball tournament. If you will be late please let us know beforehand (234-PLAY-GBT). Every championship is unique and special, let’s make this one to remember.

Prayer Before the Goof Ball Tournament:

Dear Lord,
Thank you for all the blessings of this past year.
Thank you especially for the ability to participate in Goof Ball.
Guide us to play to the best of our abilities.
May we be gracious in losing and modest in winning
Remembering that sports can teach us self-control, sacrifice, and humility,
courage, perseverance, and gratefulness to God who gives every good gift.
Through these virtues, may this tournament guide us on our path to heaven,
where everyone will play pool as good as Owen Sheridan. Amen.

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15 Ways to Lose Goof Ball

We are all losers (except Mike R.), and chances are, you lost the Goof Ball Tournament one of the next 15 ways. Do any of these recall those memories? We hope this will maybe make you aware for tomorrow.

  1. Scratch when going for the eight-ball.
  2. Sink the eight-ball in the wrong pocket.
  3. Pocket the eight-ball before going for the eight.
  4. Forget to call a pocket when going for the eight (and then pocketing it).
  5. Call a combo shot incorrectly when going for the eight.
  6. Have your opponent get the 8 in on the break.
  7. Scratch intentionally.
  8. Lose on purpose.
  9. Touch any object ball when it is not your turn.
  10. Mess up a significant number of object balls on your turn.
  11. Exceed the shot clock twice in a game.
  12. Cheat.
  13. Receive a suspension during a game.
  14. Miss every single shot forever.
  15. Have your opponent not do any of the above and successfully sink the 8-ball before you.

Leave a comment below sharing how you lost Goof Ball (except Mike R.). We would love to hear it… LOSERS!

*We are deeply sorry if we offended anyone in the last sentence.

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A Level Pool Table

What is more annoying than your opponent’s shot wildly off target, curving into a pocket?

The Goof Ball Committee knows that a slanted pool table leads to an unpredictable, and sometimes unfair game. That is why they test and retest the pool table to make sure it is perfectly level. The Goof Ball Committee has in the past used state-of-the-art lasers and the most accurate levels to test the pool table. This year, after the Goof Ball Expansion Project, the pool table has been moved and will need to be leveled.

So at least for this year, you won’t be blaming the table for your off shots…

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What happened to the Triple Crown?

The triple crown is when a person wins three Goof Ball events in one year. This happened in 2001, 2002, and 2003. The following are the years when someone had some domination and won more than one event:

1994- N/A

1995- Dan T. (Trick Shot, Button off the 8 )

1996- Dan T. (Trick Shot, Goof Ball)

1997- Dan T. (Trick Shot, Button off the 8 )




2001- Dan S. (Trick Shot, Goof Cup, Goof Ball)

2002- Dan T. (Trick Shot, Button off the 8, Goof Cup)

2003- Michael B. (Trick Shot, Survivor, Goof Ball)

2004- Dan S. (Button off the 8, Goof Cup)

2005- Michael T. (Trick Shot, Goof Ball), Maria S. (Button off the 8, Goof Cup)





As you can observe, even with more and more events, we are at the longest drought ever without someone winning more than 1 event (4 years). With 6 events someone is due to win more than one event….

Will we add another year to the domination drought?…Or will 2010 be a year someone grabs the triple crown?

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